Hinja is a 2d platformer developed for GBJam.

As a ninja, you have to prove your abilities as you try to reach the castle.

Made by:

  • @Deive_Ex: Programming and Sound Design
  • @LuucHowl: Graphic Programming and Composer
  • Cannoli (which doesn't have a twitter): Art and Game Design

If you're reading this, let's reward you with some info: you can change palletes with the arrow keys at the title screen and you can also mute the game by pressing "M".

=== Controls ===

  • Arrow Keys/WASD = Run
  • Z/U = Jump
  • X/I = Grappling Hook

=== Version History ===

  • v1.1: Bugfixes and added 3 more levels and collectibles;
  • v1.2: Bugfixes and added palette swap and Mute button.

Install instructions

Just download, extract the game and play it!


Hinja v1.2.rar 15 MB
Hinja v1.2 - Mac & Linux.rar 52 MB
Jam Entry - Windows x86 15 MB


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idk how to use the grappling hook

im pressing x and a direction but nothing's happening

add some enemies and attack button pls

it will be kind of fun to troll some npc or AI

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I LOVE this game!

Controls are perfect !